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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Film script writer blogs from Dorset, England

Yesterday, Chocolate and Vodka, a blog by Suw Charman, appeared in my list at Technorati. Lovely surprise to see that she lives in the same county as me and ophelia. Thanks Suw. Look forward to following your blog.

Suw (pronounced ‘Soo’ not ‘Syew’) is 32 and has a degree in Geology from the University of Wales, College of Cardiff. She used to live in Reading but recently moved back to Dorset, where she is originally from.

Welsh is her second language. She has a large black and white long-haired cat called Fflwff. And loves music, film and comics - particularly anything by Neil Gaiman, of whom she is a huge fan (btw Suw: so too is Scaryduck - no doubt you'll enjoy his blog and sidebar).

Her first job was in science publishing for two years, and she's been self-employed in one way or another for six years. Used to be a music journalist/photographer and worked as a freelance for the Melody Maker. And has written for the BBC, but not about music.

When she stopped being a journalist, she became a web designer and ran her own business for a while: "Get Fluent", an internet start-up which provided learning material and support by email for adults learning French or Welsh. She hopes to expand to other languages and is writing film scripts now. And loving it.

[Note to three readers, that I know of, in Wales: Daisy-Winifred, Susanne and Artist Michael - Suw has a list of Welsh bloggers in her sidebar that you may enjoy reading. And, for those interested in learning Polish (or who can send Suw emails in Polish), check out her little blogging experiment.

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