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Thursday, March 25, 2004

And Levitated's collection of awesome paintings

Last month, Don Park blogged some great links re the Emotion Fractal image at Jeneane Sessum's blog.

The Emotion Fractal (a recursive space filling algorithm using English words describing the human condition) he found was generated at Levitated using Flash.

On clicking through the links, he discovered a page full of Flash-based open source computational animations and interactive paintings that he says would be perfect for creating eye-candy banners for geeky websites - and are A Must See!

Don mentioned to Jared at Levitated that it would be cool to use his blogroll to build an Emotional Fractal.

Today, Jared sent Don exactly that and named it Fractal Blogspace. It's gorgeous.

And what a shock. My name is in top left hand corner *blush* Thanks Don :) xx I'll frame it.

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