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Friday, March 26, 2004

Find desired career and search minds for new friends

To take the career test click here.

My career test score showed ISTJ profile - Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging. I am a Trustee type. Possible professions include: management, accounting, auditing, efficiency expert, engineer, geologist, bank examiner, organization development, electrician, dentist, pharmacist, school principal, stock broker, computer programmer, technical writer, chief information officer, police officer, real estate agent.

Determine compatibility with friends or find others that score similar to you on a personality test: new Search Minds engine allows you to find people who score similar to you.

For the free Myers-Briggs-Jung Personality Test click here.

via Erica's Grey and Blue Sometimes Skies - "Journal of Me, Curious and Worrysomeblog". Sorry her blog's commenting won't open up for me on screen. Erica, this is to say hi and thanks for linking. Nice to meet you. Sorry about your Grandpa. Check out Scottish bloggers webring in my sidebar, it leads to many great bloggers in Scotland that may help you to make up your mind to move. PS Erica's test score showed INFJ profile and that she's a Guide type.

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