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Sunday, March 14, 2004


Perseus answers my question

Thanks to Jeffrey Henning, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, of Perseus, for picking up on my post and answering it by blogging this:

Ingrid Jones of Me and Ophelia asks:

Perseus estimates that 4.12 million blogs have been created on these services: Blog-City, BlogSpot, Diaryland, LiveJournal, Pitas, TypePad, Weblogger and Xanga. Recently, I visited Google's Web Directory where it states that the Google directory contains over 1.5 million URLs. But the Perseus survey estimates there are 4.12 million hosted blogs. Does Google not know everything, or are there a lot less blogs than estimated?

Currently Google is programmatically indexing 3.3 billion web pages. The 1.5 million URLs are pages that have been manually classified by people as part of the Open Directory Project. As one indication of the disparity, Google has over 23.1 million pages using the word "blog" in its index.

No official estimate yet from Google on the number of blogs, but - despite that - I hope I've restored your faith in an omniscient Google.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 3/14/2004
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