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Monday, March 01, 2004

Glad to be back

Not posting here for the past three weeks was emotionally painful. Like giving up smoking, alcohol, caffeine, etc Definite withdrawal symptoms. Got depressed first three days and nights. Felt grief and out of synch. Like a bereavement. Missed everyone and the routine of Technorati, seeing visitors and who's new.

Happily (for me anyway) it didn't take long to discover that the next best thing was blogging in other people's comments box. Heh :) Wonder what the addiction is? Truly, it's like a drug. Think it was the fear of losing my blog's visitors. That they may never return. And I'd lose all my newfound friends.

Some days received as much traffic as before. Not sure what to make of that. Maybe there's a closer bond between bloggers than one realises. Real comrades here in the blogosphere. Most of us will never meet up in person. But we do seem to be building community together. Feeling loyalty to familiar blogs, as in meatspace with the friendly faces of neighbours and friends.

Ophelia and I have been doing just fine. Visited many blogs around the world. Saw tonnes of posts in different languages. Copied and pasted dozens found on the way - to write posts around at a later date. And, decided to experiment with a new style of blogging, ie posting comments that I've written elsewhere - to save energy and create more of a dialogue between blogs.

Spent the past few days putting together a string of posts. Dozens of them. Capturing the URLs for linking causes the most problems with this machine. If I can manage to post quickly enough before it shuts off. I'll try publishing several in one go. Depending on how long it takes to publish this, I'll try posting again soon. In the meantime, I need to tidy pc folders and learn how to use the free trackbacks that Jeevan at HaloScan kindly installed here last week.

Today's posts are catching up on personal news. Next posts are about other bloggers, And, after my new Mac is up and running (seems unreal) I'll blog about what I found recently. Pinching myself that the endless hours of pc troubles, viruses and worms, and wasted energy, will soon be over. Fingers crossed.

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