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Friday, April 30, 2004

And Organisational Story-Telling

People think in stories, talk in stories, communicate in stories, even dream in stories. If you want to understand what's going on in an organization, you need to listen to the stories. Moreover, if you want to get anything done in an organization, you need to know how to use to story to move people. Read more on Organisational Story-Telling...
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These Giant African Land Snails are native to Africa and found in parts of Asia. They are known to consume as many as 500 different plants. Maybe people have tried to cook and eat them, like escargot in garlic butter. Interesting how its known that the mucous from these snails can transmit meningitis. Sadly, I once knew a 15-year-old girl who died from meningitis but no-one could say how she contracted the illness. Her name was Tammy and she was adorable.
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By Kevin Drum, formerly of Calpundit

Seems you can't say "suck" on the radio. As in, say, "Saddam Hussein sucks" (just to pull an example from a hat).

Some amusing comments - especially by Phil.

[via Richard Gayle]

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