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Saturday, May 01, 2004

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My personal viewpoint

No matter how different their views, gender or age group, other people's thoughts are always of interest to me. Regularly, I read a cross section of blogs authored by individuals from all walks of life, living in different parts of the world. For me it's fascinating reading opposing beliefs and views and getting glimpses into how others think, what they believe in and why.

Rarely do I think in terms of "is this blogger old or young, black or white, male or female, or what". But I do try and peg a blogger's location as it helps me to visualise their natural environment, weather conditions and the culture in which they are living.

My blog has no theme but it does have several uses. It's a tool with which to communicate with friends and get to know new people. Instead of doing crosswords daily, I post here to maintain computing skills and organise my life, thoughts and health. Most of my posts are cryptic notes to myself. I present them in a way that may prove useful to others. On glancing through posts, I can roughly gauge the number of 'bad' days and tell how things are improving overall.

Basically, this blog is a conversation with myself and others. The dialogue is created through a steady stream of my diary entries, ideas, thoughts and press clippings etc., that I post and store here for my own reference. When I am a more experienced blogger, I may develop some specialist weblogs to do with life, food and socialising - and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

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My politics

Never have I voted Conservative. Nor have I ever voted Liberal. I am a Socialist and vote Labour. And try not to be anti any political party, person or country. I am a strong supporter of our Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In the year before Tony Blair became Prime Minister, I attended a Labour Party conference in Blackpool. And met him. He's quite tall. Taller than myself. I'm 5' 8". He's a friendly gentleman. Not at all showy, pushy or loud. His handshake was firm. Palms were dry even after a major speech and fielding questions from a packed audience. A kindly and unassuming persona really. But his eyes were extraordinary.

While we stood chatting for a few minutes, an aide came up to him and he glanced aside. A strong beam of stage light caught the right hand side of his face and his eyes. I was a foot away and saw straight through the side of his eyeballs. They were large, clear and translucent. Not worried or tired. Nor glistening with adrenalin. It was like looking into two crystal balls packed with invisible data. Quite remarkable. I've met thousands of people and quite a few in the public eye. His eyes were the most memorable. And unusual. Not penetrating. Or focused on close up detail. His gaze was slightly glazed and distant. Like a wide scope lens, absorbing a larger picture from the brain within.

My feelings are that Tony Blair is a decent, fair minded chap who is doing a great job as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party. He's well educated and intelligent and at 51 still has tons of energy. He is a good family man and a caring husband and father. He has nerves of steel, works hard and gives 100% of his best to the job. One can't ask for more. I'd describe him as a visionary. One who sees the larger picture - of everything - at all times.

The UK has no other credible leader. And it appears that the US has only Kerry as an alternative to Bush. My prediction is that Bush and Blair will win.

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My religion

My Austrian born mother and her parents were raised as Roman Catholics. My English born father and his parents were raised as a Protestants in the Church of England. My parents had me christened as a baby and my religion is formally described as C of E (Church of England).

I'd describe myself as a Christian, not a Protestant or Catholic. A Christian is one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. I believe in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. It is The Word, given to us all, that no man should add to, or take away from.

I respect the views of those who believe in God or who are atheists, agnostics, humanists or whatever. But I feel sorry for those without faith in God, and for those who do believe in God but do not believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I believe in God. And the Holy Trinity. In other words, I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are God - three rolled into one.

Simply put, I believe God is Love and that man was given The Word - and a free will; and that's what separates human beings from animals. Lately, I am beginning to think more about the Devil. And believe there is another force at work battling for our souls.

In 1992, whilst living in London, I attended several confirmation classes at Westminster Abbey. I asked why Jehovah Witnesses pretended to believe in and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I was told there is one question that will stop them in their tracks - and it is this: if Jehovah Witnesses come to your door, simply ask: "Do you believe in the Holy Trinity?" They won't be able to answer - and will politely turn away and go. I've tried it. And it worked. Like magic.

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