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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Urbi Et Orbi

Yesterday afternoon, two dear friends visited here. Especially touching because both have been ill past few months. And still are. A joy to see them together again. They brought fresh white fish and other treats. Including chocolate dusted almonds and biscuits which, I'm ashamed to say, I've already eaten. Received lovely surprise Easter cards from Gl, Bd, Bw, Pj and Cg.

Slept soundly last night. Awoke 8am before Ophelia. Fetched Sunday paper from postbox. Postman hadn't picked up my Easter cards for mailing. Brought them back in. Doubt if there's mail Easter Monday. Now the cards I wrote last week won't be posted until Tuesday.

Read part of the paper. Saw an article about the ex-wife of a wealthy Premiership footballer who has launched a landmark legal test case that could make divorce vastly more expensive for husbands. If the woman wins, husbands could be forced to hand over up to half their salaries to their former wives. I find this disturbing because for sure men's rights are nowhere even near equal when it comes to custody of children. Note all the barristers in "big-money" cases are watching. Barracudas.

Ran a bath. Put three baking potatoes on a roasting tray. Took marinaded pork filet from fridge. Plus pre-cooked vegetables. Attended church by watching television.

First, on BBC1 at 10am, He Has Risen! A cheery upbeat Easter celebration, live from Kings Church, Eastbourne, during which people who have recently become Christians were baptised. Great old hymns with modern tunes, singers, guitars and drums. I sang along. Ophelia's ears pricked up. She jumped down from her chair and sat up in front of me, mesmerised.

Got up to give her cuddle. Thinking it was playtime, she ran off to get her ping pong ball. I put tray of potatoes into the oven for baking. Caught Ophelia. Gave her a big hug and wished her - and everyone else - a happy Easter. She purred.

Then, at 11am, watched the Urbi et Orbi Message - Easter 2004 of His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

The Polish born Pope, who has served for one quarter of a century, delivered his traditional Easter message live from St Peter's Square in the Vatican. The term Urbi et Orbi (which means "for the city and for the world") signifies that a papal document is addressed not only to the City of Rome but to the entire Catholic world.

St Peter's Square was packed with thousands of pilgrims from all around the world. The Pope gave his blessing in sixty different languages, including Chinese. It moved me to tears watching his tenacity, courage and inner light shine through his elderly and infirm body. Crowds of people cheered and waved their national flags as he read out the name of their country. He is a truly wonderful human being.

The Pope's great message to the world today was about joy, new life and forgiveness. Fresh hope for a troubled world. For people to join together to resist the evils of terrorism. And for Christians East and West to unite in their celebration of Easter.

Christ conquers. Christ reins. Christ rules over all things. Amen.

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