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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Life is short - not a rehearsal

Ophelia awoke early this morning, scratching around at boxes under my bed. Did a bit of blog hopping. Not up to much reading. Good that bloggers posts are a bit thin at holiday times. Feel well under par.

Wondered what others were doing. Typed easter into Technorati. Found many personal blogs. Even fit and healthy bloggers don't seem to be enjoying their holiday break. Some are not making the most of their lives. Easier said than done, I know. People get lonely. Depressed. Tired. De-motivated. Feel hurt and rejection. Emotional upheavals and pain.

The one's that making the most of life, seem to take pleasure in the simple things that don't cost much money. Thinking of others and not self. Being considerate, thoughful and kind. Making an effort. Reaching out. Putting themselves out for others. Sharing meals. Writing a letter. It's said you reap what you sow. And that God is love. Love is what makes the world go around.

Yesterday, I found out a family friend had died of cancer. He was 65. I first met him 40 years ago. Too much water has gone under the bridge to write about it here. Not really to do with myself but between that family friend and my parents and another relative. Many stories. Too long to go into here. Just want to mark this date 4 April and noon 14 April as a note to myself. Maybe in time or years to come I'll write about it. Not today.

Talked to another family friend who knew this person for 30 years. About how strange life is. What it's all about. All those stories. All that water under the bridge. How personalities can scatter friends and family apart. The four were lifelong best friends. So far, three have gone beyond their deathbeds without talking to each other. Wonder if they are talking now. And if so, what are they saying. For sure they'd be sorry. But would say that is life. People fall out. And part ways for many different reasons. Mostly emotional. I've read somewhere that all relationship problems are caused by break downs in communication. All three were 65 when they died. One left to go and it's an end of an era. God bless you T and RIP - thanks for the good memories xxx

Life is short. The journey is the destination. It is not a rehearsal.

In the words of Uptight Preppy Boy: "Just when you think that you've got it all figured out, life will always throw you a curve ball."
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Guest Blog written by Uptight Preppy Boy 4/7 at Saidy's:

Just when you think that you've got it all figured out ‹ life, love and the pursuit of happiness ‹ life will always throw you a curve ball.

All my life I've been planning where I would be and what I will become.

In grammar school, I wanted to be like my older brother. Things change. I found myself and figured out what I was passionate about, or so I thought.

In high school, I wanted to be a successful businessman, married by 25 and dead by 50. Things change, art found me and I enjoyed it.

In college, I wanted to be an illustrator, married by 28 and dead by 50. Things change, in my junior year, I realized that I didn't have the passion as I once thought I did for painting and drawing.

Post college, I became a graphic designer. I wanted to be married by 30 and dead by 65. Finally, I thought my life was on track. I found a profession that I was passionate about, a found a woman who balances me in every way and I found a reason to want to get old. In her, I saw my whole life unfold before my eyes and everything seemed... right.

And then all of a sudden, one month before my 29th birthday, life once again throws me a curve ball. I recently broke up (or as she puts it, taking time away from each other) with my girlfriend of 4 years. I now find myself having to remember to breathe, to know that the sun will rise and set with each passing day. As time has its way the hurt and pain lessen. The air smells fresher, the day seems brighter.

So what now?

Simple, I don't have a clue. With each curve ball, life sends me a reminder that its more fun to sometimes let go of the proverbial wheel and let life take you where it wants to take you.

"The Journey is the destination. " - Dan Eldon

One thing is for certain and I promise you this, the journey will sometimes be turbulent and sometimes it will be calm. But with every single twist and turn, with every single love found/lost, you never know when or where life will happen... no matter how much you try to plan for it.

I'm a twig floating along the waves hoping that with each push and pull of a wave I reach dry land.

Care to join me for the ride?
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A Speck of Truth

Bernardo's Easter Blues. He must be lonely and hurting. And missing his son. Easter greetings and a warm hello to Bernardo.
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To read over Easter

Kinja, the weblog guide - and Four Corners group blog by various authors, including fellow British blogger Suw Charman. Good luck with all your writings Suw. BXL is like a fascinating soap. Thanks for the link to Matt Mower's short bio and his two hungry cats, Mississippi and Indiana.

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Read Cass Brown's blog

Feeling sorry for yourself? Read Cass Brown's cancergiggles and count your blessings. Maybe someone can even help. Cass is looking for a publisher. Quickly too. Time is not on his side. Trying to get his book published. It's a great idea. Could be translated different languages. Cancer knows no boundaries. Best of luck Cass. Sure hope you find a publisher soon or at least an agent who can help. Hope you got my email OK. Happy Easter and God bless.

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