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Sunday, May 02, 2004

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And not headlining shocking photos of rape and genocide in the Sudan?

Following on from my previous post, more people ought to question why the BBC are stooping so low as to screen unsubstantiated photos for disproportionate lengths of time. If they're competing with the tabloids to shock and inflame the public with graphic images, why are they not showing and giving equal space to even more shocking pictures of Iraqis committing unspeakable atrocities and murder?

And why is the BBC not properly covering and headlining genocide in the Sudan where, just like before in Bosnia and Rwanda, horrific rape is being used as a tool of war? Why is the BBC stirring trouble up for everyone involved in Iraq and not using the same power and influence to stir up anger and outrage by showing graphic pictures of rape being used as a weapon of war - and the deaths of 30,000 so far - in the Sudan?

I object to the BBC being allowed to continue pursuing its own political agenda whilst licensed as a Public Broadcasting Service, that is funded through compulsory charges to almost every UK household, to present all news impartially and cover all news in the public interest.

In protest of the BBC's handling of news, especially over Iraq, I am pinging a copy of this post (and the one below from Estonia) - via Technorati - to four blogging Members of Parliament in the hope that they will raise awareness of these issues:

Clive Soley MP
Tom Watson MP
Richard Allan MP
Austin Mitchell MP

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