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Monday, August 02, 2004

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Uranium discovered in Hofrat Al Nihas:
France is interested in Uranium and has drilling rights in Sudan

Beyond3D, "an attempt in conversation", has a thread going on re my July 21 post on OIl and Darfur. The same post was picked up here by Passion of the Present.

My search for reports of any riches in Darfur is an ongoing project. Along with answers to my original questions (still not found answers). And why France was so slow to help when they knew - first hand - of genocide unfolding. New findings re riches in Darfur will be added to my original post as and when. France is a post-in-progress and will appear here. Soon I shall start paying more attention to my new blog A Breath of Hope to log the successes and failures of the aid agencies. Please feel free to share any relevant info on any of these topics by email to me or in the comments and I will write a post around it and link to your blog.

At the moment I am searching for maps to pinpoint Hofrat Al Nihas. (Other names: Hofrat el Nahas, Hofrat en Nahās, Ḩufrat an Naḩās, Hofrat en Nahas). I think it may be in South Darfur - maybe close to a border. My time has been used up getting these posts together. If anyone finds it clearly -- on a map -- please let me know and I will write a post around it with links to your blog. Here's why:

Khaleej Times Online report excerpt: "The oil and precious mineral resources such as uranium discovered in Hofrat Al Nihas have set off fierce competition between US and France. The US has started to invest in oil industry in Chad, France's former colony, while France Total company obtained drilling rights in Sudan."

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