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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Chinese FM discusses Sudan with US, Russian, French counterparts

At Sudan Watch and Passion of the Present today, I have posted an extraordinary and dynamite report on sanctions by the Washington Post. I've spent all day composing posts and emails. Laptop is red hot. So are my eyes. Must take a rest break. And catch up on what my blogmates are writing. I'll add to this post on oil and sanctions in the next day or two.
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MeetUps being held across America

Today, August 25, in America is Sudan Day of Conscience. MeetUps for Sudan peace supporters are taking place across America.

To join in the effort, I have published several posts at the American site Passion of the Present, sharing news of UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's visit to Khartoum, the British Government's policy on Sudan and what others are saying. Also to mark the day, the posts will appear later in my Sudan Watch blog.
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At the moment, as I'm blogging, it's 20:56 at night. Beatles song "She Loves You" is playing outside -- in the distance -- out to sea -- in a nearby venue -- it's special Beatles show -- yay -- I'm opening the windows to hear better.

Amazing sight right now. Pitch dark in here because I haven't switched on any lights yet. Just the light of laptop screen shining into my face. If I look up, above the lid, I see a glistening black sea stretching out to the horizon into a dark inky blue sky. A three quarter shiny gold moon is hanging half way above the sea -- straight in front of me. It's warm out. I can hear a people laughing in the distance -- sea waves rolling on the shore -- no traffic sounds. Ticket to Ride is playing -- brings back a lot of memories ... Makes me want a glass of wine and a cig and to be with people.

Roll Over Beethoven is playing right now. It's a live band. Rockabilly -- giving the tunes a neat twist. Sounds pretty good. Wonder who they are. I can feel the atmosphere from here. Here comes: "All My Loving" I will send to you.... Now they're playing: "With Love From Me To You" ... hey I'm old enough to know all the lyrics :)

Now I'm foot tapping and nodding along to Eight Days A Week -- and Love Love Me Do... Ophelia looks at me funny when I sing. Ah yes, those were the days, twisting around in my mini skirt, hotpants and thigh length black shiny boots -- Heh Nick, I'll write about my Mary Quant Super Sweeper Eyelashes one day :)
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Read the lyrics here

Warm thanks to Doug at Quadrophrenia for posting the lyrics of Song for Sudan.

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