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Sunday, October 19, 2003

US VOTE 2004
The Guardian newspaper's brand new weblog

On October 16, Guardian Unlimited Weblog | Weblog US elections 2004 was announced as the brand new weblog of the Guardian newspaper group - in addition to their existing Guardian Unlimited Weblog. They know they have not chosen a particularly original name and ask, if you can do better, to suggest another name. There might even be a small prize for anyone who comes up with a name they choose to adopt.

The blog will be devoted to discussing the US elections 2004, with a particular focus on the presidential race. As the campaign progresses you will be hearing from the Guardian's correspondents in the US, its London-based commentators, and various members of the Guardian Unlimited news team. They also want to hear from you. If you have seen an article that has infuriated or delighted you, want to suggest a useful link for their blogroll or to comment on something you've seen on the weblog, drop them an email to with the subject line 'US vote'.

As an opening gambit, they'd like to recommend Andrew Gumbel's piece in the Independent on the electronic voting technology that is starting to dominate the US electoral landscape and its potential to distort outcomes. For more links and stories on e-voting, check out the excellent resources at PoliticsOnline -- Fundraising and Internet Tools for Politics. You have to register but it is free.

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