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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Ship shape for winter

Yahoo! They've gone. Seven new windows are now installed. All the workmen have gone.

Nice chaps though. They were here 8 hours daily over past 3 days: 24 hours of hammering, drilling, sawing, tools, toolboxes, dustsheets, work benches and the makings of fourteen window frames up and down stairs, dust in and out everywhere, furniture all upside down, room by room.

And, broken glass. On the first morning, a young trainee put his hand through a pane and had to be taken to hospital. He returned an hour later with right hand all bandaged up. His boss made him continue for another five hours. Chilly strong winds blew in from the sea, right into the gaping holes in my walls. It was cold. Blue finger cold. He never complained once.

They must have thought I was mademoiselle fi fi or something, lounging around all day on the couch, cosy and warm under pillows and duvet while they grafted in the freezing cold wind and rain. They never saw me lift a finger except for fussing over Ophelia, making sure she wasn't walking on broken glass or getting shut-in and driven away in their van.

Daily domestic chores, deliveries and fruit and vegetable preparations were carried out by people, other than myself.

Meanwhile, the real fee-fee waltzed from room to room with a soft sponge ball stuck to her claw, and sat around looking into everyone's eyes while lifting her paw up and down and waving the ball in the air (her playtime signal for attention - she knows when she's being cute).

She was on her feet and awake all day, on guard like a little meerkat, checking out the glazier's van, sniffing every tool and dustsheet and parking herself behind each window frame stacked along the wall. Cats need to sleep 16 hours a day to conserve energy for hunting. She must be exhausted.

Me too. It will take us days, if not weeks, to get over. Didn't dare tell the chaps that!

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