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Monday, December 08, 2003

Blogs Wendy Koslow at Harvard in the USA

This is about Wendy Koslow who works at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society in Cambridge, MA. I like mentioning bloggers who are brave and honest enough to blog that they are looking for a soul mate. You never know, it could lead to something good. You could have a brother, a cousin or uncle - or know a friend of a friend or neighbour - who you think may have something in common with Wendy. If so, you could refer them to her blog. Or, you too could play cupid and blog Wendy's post to share with your readers. Here is a copy of Wendy's post dated November 27, 2003:

"I had a great Thanksgiving. Lots of good people, people I really wanted to be with. But like any big occasion with people who've known me my whole life, there was all this talk about when am I going to get married, when are my parents going to be made grandparents. This sort of talk doesn't offend me, but it does tend to make me a little bit sad.

It's not as though I don't want to find someone. I'm still not sure about the kids thing, as much as I love babies. I just don't know that I want a parent's life. But good grief, I'm looking for love! You, my dear readers, you know this. Tonight one person suggested online dating - I've tried that to disastrous ends, many times. I even tried Speeddating once. I don't want to meet anyone through artifice anymore. I want something real to happen.

A friend of mine is marrying someone she met on the subway. Now that's real. One day he saw her with a book he liked and he said so. Now they're getting married. Makes a good case for acting on instinct. Listening to your heart, or your gut.

My gut says tomorrow's another day. My heart says it can be patient a little longer.

And I say, good night."

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Great photos in Nomads' Land

Joi Ito met Jean-François Maïon in Helsinki last week. They talked about blogs. Joi helped get him over the hump to start a blog.

I'll blog another post, at a later date, about J-F's nomadic adventures and his inspiring photographs. Just wanted to post this here now so you can visit his new blog Nomads' Land and say a welcoming hello to a new blogger.
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Joi's latest post on bloggers' Google bombing.

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