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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Beware of Tiscali's Anytime package

Hello to Wendy in Scotland (and Big T out catching shrews). Thanks for your email. I've tried to make sure my POP server is set to for the account and my outgoing server should be set to for all accounts. Trouble is I'm unsure where to find it.

And this computer is driving me crazy. Blogging has taken hours today> It's switched off three times, six times yesterday and half way through registering with for their 24/7 unmetered access deal. Virgin deducted GPB 13.49 from my card for a month in advance. Connection took effect right away.

Unsure if it was my imagination but everything seems speedier online using I wonder if there are variations in speed between ISPs. Net access through Tiscali was grindingly slow, especially at weekends. Never knew if it was too many users on Tiscali or the net itself.

After my email address changed to I got confused. Emails were slow going out. Incoming emails were arriving in duplicates. Outgoing emails would sit in outbox and not budge for an hour or so. Got over tired. Concentration slowed. Email seems OKish now.

Still awaiting an email from Dell India. Worried it might not get through. So I entered Tiscali's site to change my account - from Daytime Plus to Anytime - because I saw the first month of Anytime is free. Daft decision. Tried to amend to the GPB 4-5 per month package but it had already gone through and could not be changed. Oh well, at least I have two months - at a cost of around GBP 7.50 each month - to keep Tiscali alive until I get things sorted with the new computer.

Thanks to Michael in Wales for the comment warning users of fine print on Tiscali's ANYTIME access. At GBP 14.99 per month, it's not what it seems: users are restricted to 150 hours a month. One has to regularly logon at Tiscali with passwords to check usage. Tiscali provide no running tally - need to figure totals manually. Many pages and hundreds of entries - it's a hassle to calculate. Last October, I moved away from Tiscali's Anytime. I would not recommend Tiscali.
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In Northampton, England

Yesterday afternoon, I phoned TNT for delivery news of my new PowerBook. They've not been able to trace it since its arrival last week at Northampton, England where it should have been forwarded to TNT Exeter.

This morning, TNT International phoned me to report no news. TNT Security are in meetings about it right now. Along with Apple Logistics - a special department for this sort of thing - who were alerted by TNT, and myself, yesterday.

According to TNT, it's not the first time this has happened. Sounded like they've had a spate of "several" expensive boxes disappearing. Not wise of the TNT operator to tell me that.

This morning, over the phone, Jen at Apple advised that if there's no trace of my PowerBook by today, they'll order me another - by express delivery - from Taiwan. It will take another two weeks to get here. But whatever happens, she assured me I won't be out of pocket. If necessary, Apple will refund my credit card, make out a fresh Order and charge my credit card again or, if need be, pay for any credit card interest incurred (I can't get a refund from Dell until they pick up this machine. I'm still awaiting word from Dell when they are going to do this. And I'm not sure I can transfer my folders - from the Microsoft over to the Mac - without a Dell engineer's help because this machine keeps switching itself off).

All this stuff is stressful while training a new housekeeper at the same time. This morning, I've had to change her hours and days in order to get more rest. Yesterday, my two week grocery delivery arrived. They forgot to include three large organic yoghurts - some of which was needed today. Yesterday, I phoned to tell them. Tomorrow they'll re-deliver.
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How to bar UK phone spam

At least twice a day, I receive unsolicited calls from double glazing, conservatory builders, or recorded messages shouting that I've won a free holiday. Yesterday, I phoned BT to bar these callers. British Telecom said no problem (for UK customers). Just call Freephone 0800 398 893 (which I did) - or go to TPS Register. It's free and takes 28 days to take effect. Unfortunately, BT's unable to bar international telemarketing calls.

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