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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

By blogging pathologist Madhu

Pathologist Madhu started her blog Chai Tea Latte in November 2003. Bio: Female. Doc. Daughter. Sister. Ex. Happy. Interests: Yoga. Books. Magazines. Parties. Sports. People.

Madhu works hard, keeps fit, eats healthily and works out with yoga. She blogs about dating, sexy clothes and cool eye makeup. Has a great attitude towards life and, despite being diagnosed with MS, sounds more fit and healthy than most people. Says she can still kick mega butt in yoga and do positions plenty of non-MS people couldn't even dream of.

60-70% of MS patients will keep walking their whole life. It is rarely fatal. Madhu points out that if it weren't for MS, she wouldn't pursue healthy living options as vigorously as she does - nor would she have such a rapidly improving (hottifying) bod that makes young guys at the gym give her a second, and sometimes third, look.

Madhu, born in India, lives and works in America. She is sensitive and caring, has a fine mind and writes a beautiful blog. Down to earth, fun to read and mesmerising. Has the sensibilities, passion and soul to be an artist and writer. A good catch for any of you singletons out there...

Given her profession, the title of this post of hers made me smile:

OK, I JUST CREEPED MYSELF OUT - I hate scary movies and books and haunted houses and all that stuff. Yuck. I must now de-creep out myself by thinking girly happy thoughts. Here they are: chocolate, new shoes, sangria and margaritas, Stevie Nicks, Russell Crowe (in Gladiator, yummy), new blush (Cargo - ok) new lip color (Cargo - not good, wrong color) Sleepless in Seattle and finally, moisturizer. Ok. Feel better now. Bye. Have a nice weekend.

Thanks to Lisa for pointing to this gem of a blog.
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Asks blogging lady doctor Madhu

Bones is Madhu's story of her first day in the morgue when they brought in some bodies that had been recovered from a plane crash.

Check out this comment left by Chakra - it's enough to turn us into vegetarians for life.

Chakra is a 34-year-old American woman living in the Ouachita National Forest. She's building her dream home with her soul-mate. They're doing the work themselves. Chakra is a conservationist and an herbalist/healer, loves animals and nature and fights to protect them.

Click into Real Women Online - We are as real as it gets for more essays by Madhu and Chakra.
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Has a crush on Madhu

American blogger Donavan Freberg AKA Son Of Stan (who also refers to himself as The Recovering Hypochondriac/Lay Pathologist and An Adoring Fan of Madhu's) is not a medical doctor but says Madhu's blog keeps on giving his medical mind something to chew on. Donavan confesses in Madhu's comments that he has a crush on her. Heh ;)

If you like Ozzy Osbourne's family (I do) and Hollywood lifestyles (I don't), Donavan's fascinating "About Me" page is a must read.

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