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Sunday, March 07, 2004


How to clean a fridge

Yesterday, I left this comment over at Shelley's Burningbird: "Great post. I'm in awe of that can. Wonder where the rest of the metal has gone. And what would've happened if you'd opened the fridge the moment the can exploded. Think I've heard of a similar thing happening with a ketchup bottle. I've always considered fridges as friendly and welcoming - that you open with anticipation of delights, treats, ideas, tastes or just gaze into for inspiration...never imagined anything lethal..."

My fridge is usually empty before each fornightly fruit and veg delivery. By then it's cleaned with soft cloth and warm soapy water. And, as I don't buy any processed foods, drinks or milk, there's not much expired stuff to sort - except for cheese, pots of yoghurt, jam, pickles etc., inside the fridge door with a tub of bicarbonate of soda to absorb odours. OMG: read the cockroach comments in Shelley's post... Here's how to clean a fridge.

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