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Friday, March 05, 2004

Hordes of gigantic crabs on their way to invade Europe

Just seen this over at Scaryduck's - with thanks to Neil Gaiman.
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Recipe - excerpt:

Seafood lovers, take heart. Summer's nearly here and the native oysters and mussels will soon be off the menu until September.

But in season instead are lobster, crab and langoustine. Crab's the bargain of the three, with creamy yellow and sweet white meat that's a match for any lobster. That's especially true if you can lay your hands on a delicious, spiny spider crab, or a fresh cooked Cornish or Cromer one.

Choose a "dressed" one, with the meat already taken out and prettily arranged back in its shell, or pick a whole boiled crab and ask the fishmonger to pull out the inedible bits for you.

Even a ready-cooked crab involves a certain amount of work, which explains the extra cost of a dressed one. Scooping the yellow-brown meat out with a teaspoon and smashing the claws to extract the pads of pink-skinned white flesh is easy enough. But teasing out the morsels from the cave complex of the body and the legs takes patience.

One solution is to let it become a social event. A whole crab makes a fantastic centrepiece to a summer lunch in the garden. Pile the table with bread, salad and home-made, garlicky mayonnaise. Arm your guests with nutcrackers and poking implements - fondue forks, skewers or even crochet hooks - and let everyone dive in.

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