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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

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Bella gives her sister Lulu a bath

Ophelia never brings me any presents. Her vet said it means she "eats out". Well she must have eaten out yesterday because last night she awoke me at 1am, crying to go out. Highly unusual. Must have had tummy upset. Come to think of it, she was out for longer than usual yesterday morning. And I did notice a strange scent around her face when I welcomed her home with a kiss and cuddle...

On May 4th, a dear friend will be visiting here for a few days. She has a great new digital camera and will take pictures of Ophelia. Maybe I'll manage to post one here. Meantime, here's Bella giving her sister Lulu a bath in Wales.

Bella and Lulu, along with Kano (the magnificent cat belonging to Instapundit's brother) ought to link up with Carnival of the Cats blog for others to enjoy.

Sounds like the splendid Ted eats out too :-)

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