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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Always needs a helping hand

Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing's Wonderful Things, recently visited Highgate Cemetery in North London, England, and took these photos. For unknown reasons, I found this interesting. Pondering over the photos, I wondered about the point of people's petty day-to-day troubles and woes. And thought of what Jesus said, to love one another and leave the worries of tomorrow because today's troubles are enough. I Googled the names engraved on two headstones, looking for something on how they lived. But found nothing.

In future, it could be quite usual to post pictures on the Internet of the graves of our dearly departed. I wouldn't mind paying a virtual visit to the graves of my relatives and friends who died in far away places. To see where they are at rest. Pay respects. Write a note of farewell in a virtual visitors book. See who else has visited - maybe someone I might know - and read what they have written. Perhaps contact them by email. Share thoughts and memories. By then, many more people may have weblogs, that'd enable us to connect, read their writings, picture their lives, and learn how they arrived at - and see - their final resting place.

Highgate Cemetery in Highgate, London, England is listed of "outstanding historical and architectural interest". The landscape has been so developed that it is now listed as a Grade II Park. They are always on the look-out for new helpers, particularly as part of a landscape working party; to welcome visitors to the East Cemetery; to train as a guide; to become a Friend of Highgate Cemetery; to be a benefactor. Read more...
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Update 15 April 2004: Note Tom's fabulous weblog and 9 March 2004 post on Highgate Cemetery - the resting place of Karl Marx.

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