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Thursday, March 25, 2004


And into the "we" world

Excerpts from a neat comment, left at Joi Ito's on Feb 2, by Mark of Everyday Guru:

"....Blogs have so much potential to transcend the relationship of individual identity to community and larger world identity and our connections within the world as long as we continue to push for openness and inclusion."

"Joi, you may want to pick up the current issue of What is Enlightment magazine. The majority of this issue addresses morality and ethics for this postmodern age. There are many discussions that easily apply to blogging and the potentials of social entrepenurism. "

"Blogging's emergent potential to assist us out of the "I" world and into the "WE" world is what excites me!..."

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Packaging other people's content

In Navigating the Info Jungle blog Susan Mernit talks about Blogdigger Groups which allow one to create a blog by grouping a selection of blogs together - like Phil Wolff's list of knowledge management blogs.

BTW Still no word or update at Phil Wolff's blog.

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