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Thursday, March 25, 2004


Thank you to Hazel

Grateful thanks to Hazel at Stitching up a Storm blog for emailing me the quick guide to trackbacks that she created. Here is a copy of that email:

Trackbacks are used to let people know that you are talking about them. I sent you a trackback when I was mentioning you in a post. If you talked about me in a post, you would send a trackback to me. They are often used by people that have memes (for more info on memes look here: use trackback to have people notify them that they are participating in the meme. Here is how it would work if I was talking about you:

I would go to your blog and read a particular post that I wanted to post something about myself. I would click on the trackback link next to the entry I was reading. In the popup window, I would be given a url - the trackback url - then I can enter it in a box in my blogging software, that would then 'ping' that trackback url, and you would get the notification that I have 'pinged' you.

If you wanted to to talk about me: You would follow basically the same process that I went through. From what I have read of the tutorial at Forums:

1. You would go to my site, and click on 'trackbacks' at the bottom of my posts (I haven't used it in the past but I have activated it on my posts now that there is more chance of people using it!) and a popup window would open with the trackback url. Copy this url.

2. Log in to Haloscan. Click on "Manage Trackbacks" on your menu, and the 'send a trackback ping'.

3. Paste the url you copied in the 'urls to ping' box. Then enter the other boxes with your blog name, the permalink of the entry you are referring to my entry in, the title of that post, and an excerpt of the post.

4. Click on 'ping now'. Then you are done!

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