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Monday, August 02, 2004

To stop genocide and war crimes in any member country

Today, the government of Sudan rejected the the deadline in the U.N. resolutlon passed Friday.

Diplomats say it's not up to the government of Sudan to either accept or reject the UN resolution.

GoS have no choice in the matter except to meet its demands or accept the international community's offer of help.

But they are rejecting all offers of help. And insist they will retaliate with force if any foreign troops set foot in Sudan. They have all sorts of air power and 12 new MiGs.

How would it be possible for foreign troops to get into Darfur for humanitarian reasons, without getting permission from the government of Sudan?

Huge thanks to Journal for the pointer to an excellent July 30 report from the Economist entitled "African Union threatens action in Darfur."

The report makes this statement:

"The AU’s own “peace and security council” has powers to send troops to stop genocide and war crimes in any member country"

Note to Jim - in response to his latest SOS for Sudan post: What is the best way for our net voices to be heard by the African Union?

PS Important to note that on June 10, 2004, the EU announced it had mobilised 12 million euros* from its recently established Africa Peace Facility to support African Union peace-keeping operations in Darfur, Sudan. The Peace Facility provides 250 million euros from the European Development Fund to support African led peacekeeping operations in Africa.

*Live mid market rates as of Sunday, August 01, 2004:

1 EUR = 1.205 USD
1 USD = 0.8299 EUR
12,000,000 EUR = 14,463,600 USD
250,000,000 EUR = 301,250,000 USD

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