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Monday, August 02, 2004

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Please keep it up

Back in April, when Jim Moore first started blogging about genocide in Darfur, several days would go by without any news reports while 30,000 people were slaughtered in Darfur. A few months later, Instapundit seemed to be the only blog with a large readership (take a look at his stats) doing regular updates on the Sudan.

During the past week the blogosphere is coming alive with blog posts on Sudan. Some who responded to Jim's latest post on how we can help, are listed here below.

And on July 31, another milestone was reached, when the Holocaust museum declared the situation in Darfur a 'genocide emergency'.

Here is what Jim says in point number 4:

"We have the power. A top US congressional aid told me three days ago: "What you people [all those who have brought attention and care to Darfur, not just this site] are doing on the web has been very very valuable. Thank you all. Your work enables us [in government] to say to our colleagues, 'see, the public cares and wants us to act. The public is with us.' Please keep it up."

Here is what some other bloggers are saying (sorry there is not room here for everyone - I'll post more at a later date)

Aug 1: Joi Ito's Web: "Sudan: a failure of will - A call to action that you should all read. This is "low hanging fruit" on the "lets do something good today" tree. Take some action today."

Joho the Blog: "Remember Sudan - We need to lead our leaders. Every day means more death and horror."

July 31: BrainStream: "Time to Take a Stand on Sudan - After seeing the blog coverage of the DNC and related "sub" coverage of the protest efforts, I think we have a real shot at making a difference."

Aug 1: chaotic intransient prose bursts: "Genocide in Sudan, A failure of will: 'Forces from across the world are poised to help the people of Darfur, but no nation has the will to move forward.' Spreading the word on this may help push nations."

Aug 1: bopuc/weblog:: " A failure of will - Anybody have any information about what Canada is doing about this, if anything? Google News Search: Canada Darfur . Good start."

July 27: We might as well dance: " Not in our name ..." Update on "Not in our name ..."

July 25: Crazy Canuck Darfur, ReDux

July 23: a relative path: "US Congress Declares Darfur Situation Genocide"

July 14: Winds of Change: Regional Briefing focuses on Africa, courtesy of AfricaPundit.

More links to those blogging about the Sudan in bottom left sidebar at Passion of the Present.
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Kick & Scream in Australia

It's hard to believe that Australian blogger Robert Corr is only 22 years old. He has written a great post on the Sudan that gives a good intro for those who are new to the story, along with today's update.

Robert was born in Dublin, Ireland and has lived in Perth, Western Australia, since he was six. Currently, he is studying studying a combined Law/Arts degree at the University of Notre Dame. And is still waiting for the marks for his history honours thesis. He has two (or three) more years of legal studies before he graduates. He's active within the Australian Labour Party, and a proud member of its left wing. He's a Junior Vice-President of Young Labour at the national level, and its Secretary in WA. He works for a Labour Senator.

Robert became a blogger in 2001. The title of his blog Kick & Scream is taken from the lyrics of a song "Resisting Tyrannical Government". He writes: "Yes, I recognise the irony that the system I oppose affords me the luxury of biting the hand that feeds. That's exactly why privileged f*cks like me should feel the need to whine and kick & scream, until everyone has everything they need. I live in comfort, but not because I'm a better person than somebody else: it's an accident of birth. My good fortune does not outweigh capitalism's injustice, and I have an obligation to stick up for those it has left behind. This weblog might not change the world, but I hope it will help me take a baby step in that direction."

Yay for Robert. Good luck. The world is his oyster. Lucky chap is off to Canberra this week.

Here's a note to Robert if he's reading this: check out Gavin's blog - and his sidebar of Irish bloggers. The Irish and Aussies like their drink, so my guess is that you two clever chaps - with great futures ahead - being the same ages and all - could have a lot of things in common.

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